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Electric vehicles are rapidly growing in popularity and many potential owners are decidedly interested in how they will consistently charge their electric car in Ft. Myers, Fl. Owning an electric vehicle does not necessarily mean you will have to adjust your lifestyle significantly. With the new quick charge options as well as the ease of installation for at-home charging stations, you can conveniently access electric vehicle charging stations almost anywhere.

Public electric vehicle charging solutions can now quick charge a wide array of vehicles. Many of the world’s top automakers from BMW to Chevrolet, Nissan, Volvo, Ford and Volkswagen are all creating their own version of fully electric vehicles. With emerging players like Tesla also demonstrating in ease-of-use for EV’s it could be only a matter of time before many people in Ft. Myers, begin to switch over to fully electric cars and utilize various charging stations across Florida in the process.

If you are considering purchasing an electric or hybrid vehicle and you were wondering how all of this works, you have landing on the right page.

The Basics of EV Charging:EV Charging Station Installation Ft. Myers

There are currently many different chargers available.  The type you choose is based on the type of electric vehicle you have and your current car-charging situation.   There are differences between the type of charger that you are going to use based on the power source that you have and the amount of time that you can allow for charging.  

Some of the basic information you need to understand about how car charging works include:

The difference between the L1, L2 and L3 charge:

Level I, level II and level III charging can suit you in different situations depending on how much time you have for charging and the electrical source of the charge.

Level 2 advantages:

With L2 charging available it’s possible for you to charge your electric vehicles 3 to 5 times faster than normal. Getting back on the road can be done with ease thanks to the help of an L2 charger and the quick charge capabilities.

Different options with L2 charging:

Getting the right level of a charger will ensure that you can reduce your charging times even further. By picking up a 16 or 30 amp charger, you can work at significantly speeding up the amount of time that it takes for your vehicle to charge up.

Setting up Practical Home Charging

In order to make sure that your vehicle is getting the best level of charge it’s very important to set up a home car charger installation. There are several options to choose from based on the home you plan on installing a car charger.  Generally a level III charger is set up expressly for commercial use but homeowners can choose between a level I car charging station and a level II car charging station.

Level I chargers are designed to use 120 V electrical outlets and they don’t require any type of change to the electrical system within your home. You may need to relocate an outlet to your garage in order to take advantage of this option but the outlet can work to regularly recharge your vehicle up to about 40 miles for electric driving when it is plugged in overnight.

If you think that you may require a level 2 charger for your electric vehicle in Ft. Myers, Fl, you could be ready to drive much further on your commute even during a short charge. Level II charging units do require a 240 V electric outlet which is fairly common for most household dryers. Within an overnight charge cycle, a level II charge station installed at your home can provide you with up to 200+ miles for electric driving in an overnight charge. Commercial grade level III chargers are typically only available at factories and a few quick charge services found throughout Florida. These level III style chargers are not suited for residential use but they can provide a charge of up to 40 miles for every 10 minutes of charging.

Do you need an Electrician in Ft. Myers, for EV Charging Stations?electrician for home car charger Ft. Myers

If you are going to use just a level I charger, it is likely that you can complete the work yourself or take advantage of an outside outlet that you already have to charge and electric vehicle. Many manufacturers today have representatives at each car dealership in Ft. Myers that provide home estimates for charging stations. By working with a group of experienced electricians, each manufacturer can make sure that their vehicle is receiving a charge from an optimal charging station.

Electrician for Home Car Charging Station

Working with an independent electrician for your electric vehicle charging station or speaking to a local electrician is recommended. Working with a licensed electrician will make sure that your car charging installation fees can be available at a price that’s comfortable to you and it can also make sure that your home’s electrical grid remains safe.

Installing a 240 V outlet can sometimes place extra strain on your home but it can be a massive help when it comes to improving your charge times. Any type of 240 V electrical outlet for electric vehicle charging needs to be installed according to the national electrical code and to make sure that your vehicle is being safely powered on every charge.

As you can see, owning electric vehicle in Ft. Myers, Fl does not have to be a difficult process especially when you are working with a quality manufacturer of electric vehicles and an electrician that has experience installing custom chargers. By installing or upgrading to a level II charger in your home as well, you can make sure that you have the extra mileage available to run errands and regularly get through your commute without having to charge your vehicle every day for work.

If you are truly interested in getting access to an electric vehicle and electric vehicle charging station in your home, get started with a local manufacturer and then contact us today.

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